The Skinner Stories

These are the Skinner-centric stories. While most of them include Mulder and Scully in pivotal roles, these stories focus on Skinner. The Enchantress series and Things Remembered are the only stories that do not include Mulder and Scully.

Updated August 18, 2004

The Truth, Forever Etched in Black Granite-- 35K -- R for graphic violence and disturbing imagery
After refusing Mulder's resignation in One Breath, Skinner deals with the memories stirred up by talking about Vietnam.

The Skinner Journals

Assistant Director Skinner's journal that explores his thoughts on his interactions with the X-Files Department.

Retrieval Series

2000 Wirerims Award Winner: Honorable Mention: Oustanding Series
2000 Wirerims Award Winner: Honorable Mention: Oustanding Author
Enigmatic Dr's Hall of Fame: Skinner Stories

Retrieval -- 81K -- NC-17: Mulder and Scully mysteriously disappear, and Skinner must face his past to save them.
2000 Wirerims Award Winner: Third Place: Best Skinner Rescue
2000 Wirerims Award Winner: Honorable Mention: Best Skinner Story

Recovery -- 17K -- R: How Scully got her confidence back.

What Cost, Friendship? -- 180K -- NC-17: With the threat of Scully's cancer returning, CSM blackmails Skinner into another covert operation. When Mulder finds out what is happening, he insists on being involved. 1999 Purple Heart Award: Best Adventure Story
2000 Wirerims Award Winner: Honorable Mention: Outstanding Action/Adventure Story

The Price of A Soul -- 255K -- NC-17: Mulder, Scully, and Skinner go to visit the children and their adoptive parents only to find tragedy has struck and the children are missing.
2000 Wirerims Award Winner: Honorable Mention: Best General Story

A Child's Worth -- 114K -- NC-17: There is another child out there and Skinner is determined to bring him home.

Mara Series

Mara: Skinner meets a beautiful woman who changes his life completely.

Mara II: Bitter Sweet, Bitter Sorrow: Skinner and Mara begin their new life together, but her abusive ex-husband will not leave her alone.

1999 Purple Heart Award: Best Long Story
Enigmatic Dr's Hall of Fame: Skinner Stories

Profiler or Prophet

Profiler or Prophet--170K--NC-17
A case file appears on Mulder's desk and he is drawn into a stalled murder investigation; one that puts someone close to him at risk.


My Name Is Paul--89K -- R
Skinner is dead -- or is he? Mulder and Scully's investigation into his death brings them up against still unseen enemies who conspire to control them all.
An IMTP Virtual Season 8 episode

Tiny Island by bcfan--9K -- R
Post ep for My Name Is Paul.
An IMTP Virtual Season 10 special

The Faith Stories

Faith--115K -- NC-17: A plea for help from an old friend drags Skinner into the heart of a modern day conspiracy.
An IMTP Virtual Season 10 episode
Faith Lives--78K -- NC-17: An old enemy reappears and the new person in Skinner's life is suddenly in danger again.
An IMTP Virtual Season 10 episode

Enchantress Series

Enchantress -- 7K -- NC-17: Skinner has an encounter with a mysterious woman.

Enchantress II: The Lighthouse -- 45K -- NC-17:While taking some mandated leave, Skinner meets another mysterious woman.

Enchantress III: The Pool -- 17K -- NC-17: Skinner. Mysterious woman. Woods and water.

Enchantress IV: Falling -- 14K -- NC-17: Skinner has yet another experience with a mysterious woman.

The Avatar Arc

Things Remembered -- 11K -- R
What led to Skinner's separation from his wife? Why did she file for divorce?

Avatar--2K -- G
A missing scene -- Skinner's thoughts after Sharon leaves his condo.
A Haven 155 word challenge.

Things Unsaid -- 24K -- PG
Skinner talks to his wife one last time.

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