Author: Daydreamer
Written circa 1980
Posted: February 29, 2004

The Valley

I'm thankful for life's mountains, Lord,
Up where I feel the sun.
I'm thankful for the valleys, too
Where the mists are darkly spun.

It's in the valley, Lord,
I draw most close to You.
It's in the valley, Lord,
I don't know what to do
I lean upon Your arm
And You gently lead me through.

Then soon we're on the mountaintop
Together, You and I --
And, oh, what joy it is to know
That you're still standing by.
For I know there'll be more valleys, Lord,
That I must travel through,
But I'll not fear - because I know,
Dear Lord, You'll be there, too.

It's lovely on the mountaintop,
With blessings from above
But it's when I'm in the valley, Lord,
I really feel Your love.