Author: Daydreamer
Written circa 2000
Posted: March 6, 2004

Take Back the Sun

Light, look now at what you've done.
Fast, fast, take back the sun.
Look how quickly my soul burns
See how my very core doth churn.
Sky, why do you not pour rain?
Wind, why do you blow in vain?
I feel a wildness I can't tame
Go, loneliness, from whence you came
The days alone -- a tyrant's threat
Light with no love is worse than death!
There is a peace in midnight's calm
Dark brings with it his soothing balm
Day tears my flesh, a sullen poison...
Is there no freedom from its prison?
Dawn, why must you break the night?
Why must you clothe the world in light?
Love is silent when bid to come.
Fast, Light, fast -- take back the sun.