Author: Daydreamer
Posted: December 27, 1998


From the bottomless depths of Hell
Evil rises, swift and well
Now to walk this earthly plain
Laughs as hope begins to wane

Face the Evil the Wicked do
Enter their mind, drink their brew
Walk along the insane's border
Cling to life, and love, and order

Enter Hell of man's own making
In the Dark - his Soul, breaking
Fathom the reasons, ways, and means
Rise to breathe, to hope, to dream

Chase the Dark, downward, descend
Follow Evil toward no end
Beckon him onward, seduce his Soul
Easy to falter, lose the goal.

Then, like an angel, She appears
Soothes the Spirit, calms the fears
Leading upward, to light, above
Safe in her arms - hope and love.


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