Author: Daydreamer
Posted: December 28, 1998

Mulder's ABCs

A is for Alien - some real and some fake
B is for Big Blue - at home in the lake

C is Chupacabra - made Eladio run
D is for Deep Throat who said "Trust no one"

E is for Eve - the best in eugenics
F is for Fire and pyrokinetics

G is Governments who play with men's lives
H is Hypnosis, where memory survives

I is for Incest and homes that are eerie
J is JFK and conspiracy theory

K is for Kinbote who comes from the fires
L is for Langley, Frohicke, and Byers

M is for Mothmen and fountain of youth
N is for NICAP, for Max and the truth

O is for Oiliens - not easy to find
P is for Pusher who played with the mind

Q is for Queequeg and COTR
R is for Roswell, time warps and more

S is for Smoking Man who just will not die
T is for Travelers and the way of the lie

U is for Unknown - possibilities extreme
V is for Vampires who aren't what they seem

W is for Werewolves and things that run wild
X is the easiest - it's for the X-Files

Y is for Yage - it alters the will
Z is for ZIP Code where time once stood still


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