Author: Daydreamer
Posted: April 3, 1999

How Could I Have Known?

How could I have known?
How could he know my flesh
Better than I did myself?

How could I begin to guess
That a touch on my shoulder,
A hand on my back,
A finger on my cheek,
Would cause tremors
That shook my very soul?

How could I foresee
That his eyes, perusing me,
His heat on bare skin,
His thumbnail traced delicately up my spine,
Would make me arch in desire,
Move against his touch,
Into his touch,
Long for his touch once more?

How could I have known
That a tug on a pendant,
A napkin pressed against my chin,
An arm wrapped gently around my waist,
Would close my eyes,
Still my heart,
Stop the breath in my throat?

How could I imagine
That his lips on the inside of my wrist
And in the hollow of my neck,
Would concentrate my entire being,
Every cell in my body
At that singular point of joining?

How could I have dreamed
That his head,
Dark hair falling loosely over soul-filled eyes,
Dropping down gently,
Infinitely slowly,
To brush my own and mingle with my skin,
Would be so excruciating,
So tantalizing,
That it would arouse me more
Than a direct kiss,
And my body would weep with desire?

How could I have ever known?