Author: Daydreamer
Posted: August 15, 1998

Her Eyes

She watches me with eyes of blue
And sees straight to my soul
There's nowhere I can hide my sins
No secret goes untold

There's caring in those eyes of blue
That scares me to the core
How could she come to care for me
I run, but long for more

There's strength there in her eyes of blue
She holds me when I fall
Like steel inside a velvet glove
She helps me face it all

There's comfort in her eyes of blue
Warm kindness when I'm weak
I have naught to offer her
Yet, still, from her, I seek

At times desire's in her eyes
Her passions, barely leashed
I want, I need, I cry, I take
Her body for my feast

She loves me from her eyes of blue
Her love, for me to share
She doesn't know how much it hurts
It's more than I can bear