Title: The Muses: Erato
Author: Daydreamer
Rating: NC - 17
Category: Poem
Spoilers: None
Archive: Yes, please.
Feedback: Yes! Please!

Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully are owned by Chris Carter,
1013 Productions, Fox Television Network, etc. They are wonderfully brought to life
by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. I will make no profit from this, and neither
will Fox if they sue me, for I am poor and have nothing material they can profit from.

Comments: Part of a nine-part anthology of stories and poems based on the Greek Muses
and the artistic field each represents. Erato is erotic poetry.

Summary: Erotica


hot, hard, pulsing, straining,
angles, planes, lines,
steel strength wrapped in velvet touches

wet heat, softness, ripe and ready
hills and valleys, smoothly curving
opening in readiness, inviting

contrast hardness into soft
taut angles held over curves
planes pillowed against hills

slowly . . . slowly . . .
joining, merging, melding
wet heat swallows hard lines

climb together,
throbbing, stroking, reaching
at the edge . . . and over

two are one