Author: Daydreamer
Posted: October 11, 2002


He slipped into the shadows
They'd forced him far away
He took with him her consciousness
She dwells in yesterday

He found a place within her soul
Where none had ever been
It's hidden quite securely
And none shall enter in

She knows his heart was gentle
How tender was his touch
And her heart breaks with sadness
At missing him so much

He put her life together
When she felt dead inside
And made her hunger for the things
She thought were put aside

He must have never understood
How deep her needs were felt
For surely he'd have looked beyond
And held her to himself

She's calmer now, though still confused
But somehow understands
She'd not have held him close enough
To bind their unpledged plans

She'd asked of him a single boon
And thrilled to find it granted
She strives to grasp what moved him still
To leave her here - unwanted

Absence says much more than words
How fragile love can be
But patience is its own reward
And she will see him free