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- Nothing --36K -- FRM
After the events of Irresistible, Scully doesn't just bounce right back. Written for an After-the-Fact Post-ep challenge

- The Quintessential Bad!Cliche Bad!Fic --5K -- FRC
An exercise in the use of bad cliches. Possibly humorous to those with a warped sense of humor ...

- 2Trust --7K -- FRM
In the aftermath of the Virgil Incanto case, Scully turns to Mulder. Written for an After-the-Fact Post-ep challenge

- Let Fire Cleanse What Rain Cannot -- A Profiles Short Story --35K -- FRM
A horrid case draws Mulder into a downward spiral, but Scully and Skinner are there to bring him back.
Written for the IMTP Virtual Season 10 Rainy Day Special

- I Want To Tell Her --6K -- FRC
Mulder decides to tell Scully how he feels.
Written as a Crystalship challenge.

- Hoops --7K -- FRM for language
Basketball - Post Zero Sum
Written as a Crystalship challenge

- Haven --7K -- FRT-13 - FRAO from innocent to sexually explicit
Seven short, post-ep vignettes, one from each season and focusing on the relationship between Mulder and Scully.

- Even Now --7K -- FRAO for sexually suggestive situations
Mulder and Scully, a long day, some reminisces, and a cool kitchen floor.

- Sad Mulder --2K -- FRC
A birthday story.

- Familiar Feelings--15K--FRT-13 for references to child abuse
With Skinner's help, Mulder faces his history of abuse from his father.
A Companion Piece to Susan Proto's Familiar Faces.

- Familiar Flaws--21K--FRM/FRAO for violence and language
A case of domestic abuse opens up wounds Mulder didn't know were there.

- Moonlight Swim--19K--FRAO for sexually explicit situations
A stressful case, a sleepless night, the sultry south, and a swimming pool. Oh, and a surprising lack of bathing suits.

- My Love Story--43K -- FRM -- for sexually suggestive situations
Scully relates the story of her love for Mulder and their first year together.

- Soup and Soap--3K--FRC
Mulder and Scully have dinner together.

- Seek Ye--98K--FRM/FRAO for violence and language
After a cryptic phone call, Mulder ditches Scully. Injured and confused while seeking answers, Mulder disappears and can't tell Scully where he is.
Written for the inauguration of the MTA_Stories mailing list.

- Top Moments--3K--FRT-13
X-Files moments in FLYGATE

- Shoes--24K--FRC
Mulder needs shoes that can withstand the punishments of his job. My first attempt at humor, go easy on me.

- Two Shots--10K--FRC
Mulder is reminded of Scully's importance in his life when a routine pursuit goes awry.

- The Dark and The Light--7K--FRT-13
Scully's nightmares cause Mulder distress as he struggles to find a way to reach out to her.

- The Skinner Stories Page
Skinner-centric stories that include Mulder and Scully but focus on Skinner. Includes:
The Retrieval Series
The Mara stories
The Enchantress Series
Profiler or Prophet
My Name is Paul
A post-ep for Paul by bcfan, Tiny Island
and its sequel, Faith Lives
The Avatar trilogy: Things Remembered, Avatar, Things Unsaid
The Skinner Journals
The Truth, Forever Etched in Black Granite

Daydreamer's Den goes bi-lingual!
Thanks to Ale, a wonderful reader in Brazil, my stories are being translated into Portuguese. You can check out "Profiles in Caring: The Emerson Case - Part I" here:
Perfis Inquietantes: O Caso Emerson – Parte I

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